Friday, August 13, 2010

Island Ferries

I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico, and was regularly out on the water. Every so often I get the hankering to return to the water. Luckily, Boston is a great city to satisfy that hankering, even if you don't own a boat.

The other week we met a few friends down at Long Wharf, near the Christopher Columbus park. From there we picked up the ferry and left the city behind.

Past Castle Island.

To arrive at Spectacle Island.

Where we walked up the trail to the gazebo in the saddle between the two drumlins. We ate lunch with a view of sail boats and Long Island in the distance.

The island has a number of nice walking trails and great views from the top of the two drumlins. Next time, I would like to take a picnic up to the top.

The island has a nice dock for ferry and private boats. The visitor center is modern and has a restaurant. There is even a beach, which is was crowded by the time we left.

After walking off our lunch, we headed down to the dock to catch the inter-island ferry to Georges Island.

Fort Warren is a fun place to explore.

After more exploring and another snack it was time to head home. We had a pleasant trip, but every jaunt must come to an end. I was getting a little sunburned anyway.

The Islands are particularly easy to get out to. All you have to do is get downtown. Most take the T, walk or ride a bike. If you drive may I recommend parking at Post Office Sqr, their weekend rates are more reasonable and the walk isn't too far.

The ferry dock is on Long Wharf, adjacent to Christopher Columbus Park (not on the Aquarium side). The line for the ferry can be quite long, it was for us. I would recommend buying tickets the day before online, especially if the weather looks good.

For more information, I strongly recommend the Boston Harbor Islands website. They have ferry schedule information, tickets, island activities, and probably a lot more.

So don't forget your lunch (though Summer Shack has a restaurant on both islands), sunglasses will help, lots a water and sunblock. And if you like the islands more than you expected, next time reserve a campsite and stay the whole weekend.


  1. Hey thanks for the information on the islands. I just got back from a touristy week in Boston, and did not realize they even existed. Have to check them out next trip. We did however enjoy the beach in Revere. And used the T, beats the living daylights out of trying to drive and park in Boston...and going through the same toll booth 3 times in a row.


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